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If you are a driven salon professional- be it as a beauty, skincare, massage, image or wellness coach, who dreams of having the freedom to be your own boss, set your own prices and hours, as well as have the privacy or your own studio salon suite, TIS- Total Image Solutions Salon & SPA with private studio salon suites, is your answer! TIS offers the FREEDOM you can't find in a conventional hair salon and spa setting.
Imagine if you could KEEP the MONEY you earn, set your OWN SCHEDULE, DESIGN your OWN SALON SPACE and get the business support you need from someone who has a vested interest in seeing you succeed for the same price as renting a chair... what would your life look like?

Each Studio includes:

Styling chair (or facial chair)

Shampoo bowl (or access to community bowls/sinks)

Wall mounted cabinets


Please contact us for more information: Call  243-566-4159 or  253-564-2164 or email us at totalimagesolutions@netzero.net

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