Change of Season Change of Skincare


WARNING Guard Your Skin

Often I am asked- Do I need to change my skincare when the seasons change?

The answer is- YES!

For some it might be a change of one product, for others it might mean a whole new routine.

Right now in Washington State we have an air quality advisory that is affecting not just the air we breathe but how our SKIN BREATHES. What? Skin breathes? Yes. Your skin is part of your excretory system and therefor it helps to rid your body of impurities. Just like when you use a patch to deliver medication to your body through the skin, pollutants enter the skin the same way.

I always do complimentary skin evaluations to help you know what is happening in your skin.

Lets find out how the current air quality is affecting your skin.

Healthy Skin is Bonny Skin!

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TJ Burr- owner Bonny Skin
Studio 2- Total Image Solutions

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